The Gunnison Story



The Gunnison deepwater spar development started first production on December 10, 2003 which was 25 ½ months after the project was sanctioned. This is the latest of Kerr-McGee’s truss spar type developments. Kerr-McGee operates and installed the spar on behalf of it’s partners Nexen (30% WI) and CalDive International (20% WI).
Located in Garden Banks block 668 approximately 155 miles SE of Galveston TX, the spar is moored in 3150’ of water depth in the Gulf of Mexico.
The development presently produces from three subsea wells and workover operations are underway to complete the remaining seven dry tree wells that will comprise Phase I of the project. Expectations are that volumes will reach peak rates of 30,000bopd and 180mmcfd by late 2004 on the facility nameplate of 40,000bopd and 200mmcfd.
“The Gunnison Story” will recap the teamwork and events that led to the successful on-time and on-budget installation of this world class deepwater development.

More information on this talk will be posted in early February.


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