With over 31 million customers worldwide, PayPal is fast becoming the most convenient and fastest way to carry out transactions online.

All confidential information goes through PayPal's secure link. For more information about PayPal visit the web site at

A note about security

For security reasons, all PayPal communications require the user to logo on using a user name and password. PayPal never sends email asking users to reply by answering the email. Any email from PayPal will address you by your name and ask you to LOG IN though the PayPal web site. If you receive an email that ask you to log-in by clicking something in the email, DO NOT REPLY and DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS IN THE EMAIL.

It is very easy for a hacker or fraudalent person to recreate emails that look as if they come from PayPal. Please exercise caution and never respond to any emails asking for confidential or log in information.

Never respond to an email that requests you to send any account information, or to respond by email - even if the email appears to have come from PayPal.

Other information

Credit Cards
PayPal accepts most credit cards, but NOT American Express Corporate Cards.



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