If you are new to e.commerce, this page may help answer some of your questions and concerns. 

Troubleshooting problems, click here

Refunds (If you paid online for a lunch or event and then cancelled within the accepted period of time). Call Liz Stansfeld at 713.266.7121 or send an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I pay for online?
This site is set up to accept online payment for MTS Houston Section lunches and other events. In addition, other items such as  MTS sponsored workshops may be added to the shopping cart to give people the convenience of online payment.

What credit cards are accepted?
MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

How do I pay?
Whenever you make a reservation, or booking and wish to pay online, just click on pay online. This will take you to the "Shopping Cart" page where you can add items to your "Shopping Cart."

You can keep adding items to the Shopping Cart as you browse through the site. You do not have to check out or give your credit card number until you are ready to leave the site. 

Think of e.commerce just like visiting a supermarket. As long as you are in the supermarket (web site), you can keep adding items to your shopping cart. When you are finished all your shopping, you go to the "check-out" which is when you will need to provide your credit card number.

I clicked on the purchase item button but got an error message
You must first add an item to your shopping cart by clicking on the "add item" button. Otherwise you are trying to purchase an item without having anything in your electronic shopping cart.

Can I "buy" something I do not want by accident?
This is a concern most first-time "e.commerce" users have. But there is virtually no chance of it happening. Before you are prompted to give your credit card number, you will see a screen listing all the items you are paying for. You can cancel out at any time.

Will I get a confirmation?
When you pay online, you will be able to instantly print out a receipt of your purchases for your records or expense report. You will also receive an e.mail confirmation. PLEASE BRING THIS WITH YOU TO THE MEETING TO SPEED UP REGISTRATION.

What happens if I accidentally pay twice or the system crashes while I am checking out?
With our new merchant account system, we hope that this will never happen. It it does and we spot the double payment, we will contact you by e.mail and issue a credit. If the double payment appears on your statement, just contact [email protected] and we will arrange for a refund to your credit card account.

I accidentally paid twice - help!
We'll issue you a refund. Please call Liz Stansfeld at 713.266.7121.

Still confused?
If you are confused, or are unfamiliar with e.commerce, please call tech support (Liz Stansfeld) at 713.266.7121.

NOTE: If you are making a lunch reservation and are paying on line, you do not have to also complete the registration form. If you are registering and paying for more than one person, you may add your guests' names in the "Comments" section when you provide your credit card details.

Troubleshooting Common Online Payment Problems 

1. Card is rejected. In most cases the reason is one of the following:

  • Your card number was entered incorrectly.

  • The name on the card and the address you entered do not match the name and address on the credit card statement. For security reasons, the system is very sensitive. The information must be entered exactly as it appears on the monthly statement. 

2. I made an error, resubmitted the information correctly, and was rejected.

  • To prevent accidentally paying twice, any transactions made within three minutes of the first attempt are automatically rejected.

3. My Diners Card/Discover Card was rejected.

  • We do not accept these cards, only American Express, Visa and Mastercard.

4. Tech support - Call Liz Stansfeld at 713.266.7121

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